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Ethereal Misfits was founded to provide pathways for exploring 3 main pillars at the centre of everything we do:

  • Curiosity - through workshops and classes that will plant a a seed of curiosity that may one day grow into a passion project, portal of thought/ new perspective, personal business or pathway of joy in someones life

  • Connection - A connection to the community, nature and oneself through community gatherings, explorative experiences, vibrant events and volunteer opportunities 

  • Cultivation - Through skill sharing, self exploration. practises, regular classes and opportunities for personal growth

Ethereal is the word we chose to represent not only our connected nature, but a lightness of being and playfulness that comes with a curious heart and a wise mind.

Misfits is the word we chose to represent our beingness that is without dogma, but instead can explore different thought forms for fun and curiosity. this is the aspect representing our very physical human bodies the sing, laugh, shit, desire, hurt, create, cry and experience life while on our earthly journey. 

Our vision is to provide inclusive and interesting spaces and experiences for individuals and families to connect and explore new experiences through everything from music, comedy, art, crafts, nature connection and bush skills, kids activities, permaculture, yoga, dance, meditation, breath and movement practises.

Untitled (Facebook Event Cover)-2.png

"There is a space within us that is not stuck in the stories we tell, when that space is experienced even once, a radical shift in the way we perceive ourselves and the world can happen"

― Josh Coleman




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